Obsessed, passionate, driven. These were words that Kris Freeman heard growing up to describe how he figured out the world. “Whatever I found fascinating at the time, I was into it 100%. To be honest, I mostly heard the first word, obsessed, a lot.”

The passion Kris has for health & fitness has been no different. Sharing this passion with his clients and now the online world is his new mission. He has been a personal trainer since medically retiring from the US Marines in 2007.

When Kris Freeman, Former Marine Recon, was hit by an IED on his 2006 deployment to Fallujah Iraq, his world was turned upside down. Kris suffered a traumatic brain injury and had the entire right side of his body crushed by the concussion of the blast. During an extensive recovery from his injuries, he was forced to find a silver lining.  Once able to run 15 miles with an 80 pound pack plus his gear and do well over 20 pull-ups, Kris’ injuries bound him to a wheel chair for nearly 3.5 months.
“I thought that sounded like an awful long time to sit on my ass, so I quickly figured out how to hop around my house using my left leg and left arm to balance. I also figured out I could still PT in my neighbors pool and swim to increase my conditioning till my broken arm and leg healed.”  Throughout his recovery he regained optimism about healing his body and regaining the physical capacity that was taken from him.

In the beginning stages of recovery, Kris quickly found out that it was going to require a great deal of work. Never being one to shy away from a challenge, he dove in head first. “Two of the breaks in my leg stopped healing completely because I was pushing myself too hard. I wanted to run again, my body was just not ready. Yet.” It was then when Kris began to embody a motto from his time in Recon: Improvise, adapt, overcome.

“I knew my training methods would have to change; how I maintained my body was going to change, and I had to figure it out.”<

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