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I have had some serious training momentum for some time now. Really…. Since after my injury in 2006.  Training is as simple to me as any other appointment in my planner.  I set time aside, consistently, and get it done.  Not too much thinking, or deliberating is involved.  Unless I am feeling like crap, I train.  What is training momentum exactly?  I would define it as:  An uninterrupted cycle of training, with a special amount of purposefulness.  If you are searching for training momentum right now, hopefully I can help!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to learn/attempt a new skill. Waterskiing! I have never been what I would consider a natural athlete. But, with time I have developed a considerable amount of general athletic skill, compared to 10 yrs ago. Still, it was a challenge to say the least, as I fell, time after time. I have recently gained a considerable amount of muscular body weight, about 25lbs, in a relatively short amount of time. So it does feel as if I am doing some tasks with a weighted vest, ;) . Still, I realized, I had not had this amount of difficulty in the learning process in some time.

Because training is such an important part of what I like to do, I had a thought: I should be all the more understanding of when some clients have great difficulty finding their training momentum.  When you are having to start anything for the first time, and figure everything out as a beginner, it can be a trying time.

Here are a few tips to help you generate your training momentum.

1.  Peer support.  Whether you meet up with a buddy to train, or you and your girlfriend/s train together, or you have a coach/trainer, having support of your peers is key.  Chances are one day soon you will not feel very motivated to train, it is extremely helpful to have your friends counting on you to show up, help coach each other, and get the work in!

2.  Train with a purpose.  You don’t have to train for a marathon, a powerlifting meet, or a Crossfit competition to step up your training. Pick yourself some reasonable, attainable goals to achieve in a period of time, say 6-12 wks. Then have a session you build up to that will test said qualities of fitness. It’s important and have fun to have a session where you test your fitness. Just make sure most of your training is geared to towards building and not constantly testing.
3. Don’t forget to have some fun in your training! If you always are Doing things that you don’t like, you won’t like your training. Pretty simple right? Search for a balance between doing what you need to do to progress forward, and what will keep you interested, motivated to train.

Hopefully reading this will give you some simple ideas that will allow  YOU to  build your training momentum. As always if you have any questions you would like answered, please direct inquiries to my Email:

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