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November 6th, 2014

Where Do I Begin???

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This is a common question that I hear (in reference to training) from friends, family, and people at the gym.  What exercises should I be doing?  How many sets & reps?  What type of cardio is best for fat loss?  It’s actually a really good question because there is an overwhelming amount of information out there regarding fitness.  Sadly, a lot of this information is conflicting, especially when things are taken out of context.  The most important thing to remember is to START SOMEWHERE!  Don’t wait for the perfect training program or perfect diet. YOU have to take action to make shit happen.  So, for the rest of this article I am going to make some assumptions about who you are as a reader, what you are looking to do, and try to get to some truths for you.

I am assuming that you are looking to start working out or as I call it, training.  There is a distinct difference between training for progress & distinct goals, and “working out” to burn calories and get sweaty.  Choose to train.  I am also assuming that you are a beginner, meaning that you’ve never done strength training before or it’s been a long time since you have.

I’m writing this plan for those whose conditioning has seen better days.  This is simply an outline, or template that you can use for your own training.  It is a starting point, and by all means you have the liberty to change it to fit your needs.  There is no “magic” program or sequence of exercises.  A training program is simply a window into a specific period of time.  Everything works, but nothing works forever.

Every Program I write has 3 important elements:  mobility work, strength training, and conditioning.  Depending on who and what your needs are, the emphasis on each element will change.  Most importantly, never find yourself neglecting one of these elements of training!  Every Time I have strayed from this, things have gotten out of balance and I ended up paying for it in the long run.

Here is the basic stru

August 11th, 2014

Coaches Corner – Dealing with back stiffness

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One of my greatest assets as a coach, is that I have personally dealt with a lot of injuries.  This is incredibly important, because everything I have learned I can pass on to you, and my clients Online and in the gym.  With that said, it is important for you the trainee, to know the difference between stiffness/soreness you can work through, and being injured. Always seek help from a medical professional for a MEDICAL issue. I can help you with most training related issues.

I put together a short video for you that contains 3 of my favorite drills you can use in your warm-up or active recovery session to keep your back healthy.  I chose to keep the video simple and to the piont.  If the subject matter stirs up any questions for you, feel free to comment below, or send me a question at

Remember, your training should give back more than it takes away!

- Freeman

April 20th, 2014

KB Complexes: Breaking it down “Barney Style”

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Breaking it down “Barney Style” – the act of simplifying an activity, or procedure into several, easy to follow steps. Thank the United States Marine Corps for that one ;)

NO fuckery here today, no foreplay. Today I want to introduce you to one of the most POTENT fat burners and muscle builders you have at your fingertips: Kettlebell Complexes.

What is a Kettlebell Complex you ask? Simply put it is a series of movements that flow together. They work the entire body, allowing you to move for a greater amount of time overall because the stress is constantly shifting around your body. One move may work your legs, the next works the shoulders, and the last may torch everything. You can count on this though, it all, every last bit, works your lungs. This is why complexes are so terrifically effective.

Kettlebell Complexes are a perfect recipe for incinerating fat and building lean muscle. We have big compound movements, a good deal of time under tension for the muscles, and you are moving quickly and explosively. The kettlebell is a more “fitting” tool for most than a barbell when it comes to complexes. Why? Because we are imperfect beings, and kettlebells allow for that, at least more than a barbell does.

Let me list off why I choose to use them.

1. Time efficient. Your complex can certainly BE the meat & potatoes of your workout. Say each set takes 1-2 minutes, you do 5 sets, that’s only 10 minutes. BUT, it’s A LOT of work done in that time window. You won’t be sitting around on machines chatting with your buddies about the new girl in the gym, and how she must have 30 pairs of FAB yoga pants. Get in, get out, get lean, and get jacked.

2. That Kettlebell Flow. You will see once you try them, the kettlebell flows very well from movement to movement, without much awkwardness in the transitions. It will not be like prom night junior year, when you di

August 29th, 2013

Keep a training journal

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Why you Keep a training journal

I’ve kept many training journals since 2007.  It is CRITICAL to your success to know where you’ve been, where you are, and what got you there! What worked, and What didn’t work?

Conclusions that can be drawn from training notes and observations

1.  Keep track of daily progress on exercises.  More sets & reps, more weight lifted, new drills.  Know when you break a record, know what weight you are working up to, and how often you are doing it.

2.  Use your comments section to keep track of your overall feeling and recovery from training, and observe how your body is responding.

3.  Monitor your training volume and intensity.  Are you training too heavy, too often?  Are you using enough volume to spur an adaptation?  Are you you using to much volume?

The most successful lifters I have observed ALL kept training journals.

All the best,


August 26th, 2013

Building Training Momentum

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I have had some serious training momentum for some time now. Really…. Since after my injury in 2006.  Training is as simple to me as any other appointment in my planner.  I set time aside, consistently, and get it done.  Not too much thinking, or deliberating is involved.  Unless I am feeling like crap, I train.  What is training momentum exactly?  I would define it as:  An uninterrupted cycle of training, with a special amount of purposefulness.  If you are searching for training momentum right now, hopefully I can help!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to learn/attempt a new skill. Waterskiing! I have never been what I would consider a natural athlete. But, with time I have developed a considerable amount of general athletic skill, compared to 10 yrs ago. Still, it was a challenge to say the least, as I fell, time after time. I have recently gained a considerable amount of muscular body weight, about 25lbs, in a relatively short amount of time. So it does feel as if I am doing some tasks with a weighted vest, ;) . Still, I realized, I had not had this amount of difficulty in the learning process in some time.

Because training is such an important part of what I like to do, I had a thought: I should be all the more understanding of when some clients have great difficulty finding their training momentum.  When you are having to start anything for the first time, and figure everything out as a beginner, it can be a trying time.

Here are a few tips to help you generate your training momentum.

1.  Peer support.

August 7th, 2013

Weekly Freeman Q&A Episode 1

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This is the First video Q&A of a series, I plan to one of these every week.  I have been getting more questions lately about training, etc. on my FACEBOOK PAGE, and it is sometimes easier for me to answer them on video than writing it out.  This first question is from a really cool lady I have known for a little over 3 years now.  She has been doing some “Cross–t Training” and is feeling a little lost about what her next step should be.  Her priorities are losing bodyfat, looking good, and feeling healthy & strong.  All great goals, and can be obtained with very REASONABLE training and nutrition.  Here is my answer to her question.

- Freeman


June 7th, 2013

My 4 Favorite Alternatives to Sit-ups

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OUCH! All I feel is my lower back???


Sit-ups are no fun. Tell me someone who enjoys doing them?  For your valuable training time I would advise you to seek out alternative means to improving your core strength.  Let me go ahead and say, abs are TRULY made in the kitchen. We will never get around that. But, it is always beneficial to have a stronger, more stable foundation.  There are many other exercises, but here are 4 of my favorites you may not have considered when it comes to training your midsection.

In the video I walk you through:  The RKC Plank, Weighted Carry, Paloff Press, & The Partial Get-up.  I include regressions for beginners, as well as some programming ideas to include sets & reps.  I also discuss where you might insert these drills into your training program.



Fit Tip:  If you do sit-ups make sure to never go into lumbar hyper extension (where your low back is in extreme arch), make it a point to maintain neutral spine (flat), and never pull on your head or neck (you only get the one, no returns).




April 23rd, 2013

7 Lessons From A Bad Training Day

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When are you thinking long-term for your training, less than stellar workouts are something you need to learn toaccept.  This isn’t to say, accept mediocrity, or don’t apply any effort unless you feel like it, but when you train long enough, you begin to realize not everyday can, or should be 100%.

1.  Take the day for what it is.  Less than stellar.  To completely ignore what your body is telling you will only leave your “bank account” overdrawn.  Save it for next training session.

Things could always be worse ;)

2.  As Forrest Gump once said, “S–t Happens.” (Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned come from movies, true story!)  Learn from it.  Maybe you can reflect and realize that you could put more energy into your nutrition than you have been.  Perhaps you could give yourself a break, because your boss reminds you of Bill Lumberg from Office Space, and his presence is killing you slowly.


3.  If you are dissatisfied with your training on a regular basis, you should consider changing some things.  Make sure your behaviors and your training are a reflection of your goals.