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November 6th, 2014

Where Do I Begin???

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This is a common question that I hear (in reference to training) from friends, family, and people at the gym.  What exercises should I be doing?  How many sets & reps?  What type of cardio is best for fat loss?  It’s actually a really good question because there is an overwhelming amount of information out there regarding fitness.  Sadly, a lot of this information is conflicting, especially when things are taken out of context.  The most important thing to remember is to START SOMEWHERE!  Don’t wait for the perfect training program or perfect diet. YOU have to take action to make shit happen.  So, for the rest of this article I am going to make some assumptions about who you are as a reader, what you are looking to do, and try to get to some truths for you.

I am assuming that you are looking to start working out or as I call it, training.  There is a distinct difference between training for progress & distinct goals, and “working out” to burn calories and get sweaty.  Choose to train.  I am also assuming that you are a beginner, meaning that you’ve never done strength training before or it’s been a long time since you have.

I’m writing this plan for those whose conditioning has seen better days.  This is simply an outline, or template that you can use for your own training.  It is a starting point, and by all means you have the liberty to change it to fit your needs.  There is no “magic” program or sequence of exercises.  A training program is simply a window into a specific period of time.  Everything works, but nothing works forever.

Every Program I write has 3 important elements:  mobility work, strength training, and conditioning.  Depending on who and what your needs are, the emphasis on each element will change.  Most importantly, never find yourself neglecting one of these elements of training!  Every Time I have strayed from this, things have gotten out of balance and I ended up paying for it in the long run.

Here is the basic stru

October 1st, 2014

You Should Train Everyday…

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You should Train Everyday.  There, I said it.  I know what you are thinking.  ”But Freeman, you said you can get great results training 3 times per week!  Now you’re telling me I need to train everyday!?”  Well….not exactly.

I’m not saying you should lift everyday, nor am I saying you should condition or push the prowler everyday.  What I’m telling you is you should be “training” everyday in pursuit of your goals!  To be stronger, mobile, leaner, more muscular.  Your habits and routines should be a reflection of these goals.  They should reach far beyond the 1-2 hrs a week that you are in the gym with me, or when you are doing a distance coaching program.  Your “training” should be a part of your everyday.

Allow me to explain.  Training can mean different things to different people.  I see training as learned behaviors.  This could include any of the following:
- Lifting or Strength Training
- Conditioning
- Sleep Hygiene
- Play & Sports
- Food & Water
- Mobility or active recovery drills
- Supplementation
You see?  Training everyday, is FAR different than living in the gym everyday!  I would never wish for anyone to be inside the gym, day in and day out no matter what their goals.  What I do wish for you, is that you look at the BIG PICTURE.  If you are serious about your health, and you are in it for the long haul, make training part of your daily practice.  It doesn’t have to be that hard, just start somewhere!
Side Note:
My goal is to help everyday people change their mind and body through strength training.  I don’t talk about getting fit in 30 days.  Photoshopped before & after photos don’t do it for me. Training can teach you a lot about your life, if you are willing to listen.
April 4th, 2014

How to jump start the F**k out of your morning!

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Waking up yawning, defeated, and generally irritated is a shitty way to start your day.  Make the better choice, set your morning up to be awesome!  It starts with better planning!  In the Marine Corps we had a saying, Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  We used the shit out of that phrase, but it’s true.  Here are my steps to Jump Start the F**k out of your Morning Routine.

1.  Give yourself enough time to get your shit done, WITHOUT having to break your neck to do it.  This may require waking up earlier, AND getting to bed before 11pm.  Make it happen, you’re an adult.  Being in a constant state of “Sleep Deprivation” is no way to live.

2.  Hydrate.  Drink 16-20 ounces of filtered water when you get up.  Bonus:  squeeze 1/2 a lemon into it, this will help dextox your liver.  Water, by itself, helps rid the body of toxins and metabolic waste.  Goal: half your bodyweight in ounces everyday!  Ex. If you weigh 200lbs, that’s 100 oz of water.  The more you work or sweat, increase it.

2.  Make time for 5-10 minutes of quiet reflection.  Gather your thoughts, read motivation quotes, think of how you want your day to go.  Set the stage for how you will be treated, and how you will treat others

3.  Make time for evacuation.  I call it the “pre-game”.  The morning is the best, most relaxing time to take care of bowel business.  Remember, baby wipes are here for a reason. Remember, “Dry, wet, Dry” for easy clean up.  No one wants to start the day without this!

4.  Bulletproof Coffee.  This will kick start your body into full alert and productivity mode.  Full dose

August 29th, 2013

Keep a training journal

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Why you Keep a training journal

I’ve kept many training journals since 2007.  It is CRITICAL to your success to know where you’ve been, where you are, and what got you there! What worked, and What didn’t work?

Conclusions that can be drawn from training notes and observations

1.  Keep track of daily progress on exercises.  More sets & reps, more weight lifted, new drills.  Know when you break a record, know what weight you are working up to, and how often you are doing it.

2.  Use your comments section to keep track of your overall feeling and recovery from training, and observe how your body is responding.

3.  Monitor your training volume and intensity.  Are you training too heavy, too often?  Are you using enough volume to spur an adaptation?  Are you you using to much volume?

The most successful lifters I have observed ALL kept training journals.

All the best,


August 7th, 2013

Weekly Freeman Q&A Episode 1

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This is the First video Q&A of a series, I plan to one of these every week.  I have been getting more questions lately about training, etc. on my FACEBOOK PAGE, and it is sometimes easier for me to answer them on video than writing it out.  This first question is from a really cool lady I have known for a little over 3 years now.  She has been doing some “Cross–t Training” and is feeling a little lost about what her next step should be.  Her priorities are losing bodyfat, looking good, and feeling healthy & strong.  All great goals, and can be obtained with very REASONABLE training and nutrition.  Here is my answer to her question.

- Freeman


June 14th, 2013

“You Got A Pet, you got a Responsibility…”

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If you have baby ears I apologize, but Billy Madison is one of my favorites and hopefully a few of you will chuckle at it.  But, I think his rant demonstrates a great point:  YOU have a responsibility.  All too often I see people doing two things that really upset me.  I get upset not just because it frustrates me, but also because I want the best for people around me.

First, is not taking responsibility for your own health & wellness.  I am a teacher, sometimes motivator, but to be truly successful you have to take responsibility for yourself.  I am not about 14 day fat loss, or marketing gimmicks.  I am about teaching you how to be stronger, healthier, and how to move better.  To create a strong body and mind it begins with you and your drive to better yourself, I am happy to reinforce and strengthen that.  To make lasting change it needs to become a part of your life.  2-3 hours in the gym a week cannot change your body unless you eat to support that output.  If we are trying to reshape your posture, but you continue to sit in crap positions, and slouch while you walk around, how you can you expect change?  I like to say, “Quit hitting yourself!”  You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to make change, but you need to take charge and carry out the plan on the day, every day!

Second, is giving up on yourself.  Think, if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to believe in you?  Overcoming challenges, and testing your fortitude is one of the greatest things you can do to yourself.  Just imagine, what would life be like without challenges?  For example, it is tough to think about making better food choices,  because so

June 12th, 2013

Training Roadblocks, and How To Deal With Them

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Squat down, stand up, and repeat.  Seems pretty simple right?  For some it is, but for me learning to squat has been an uphill climb EVERY step of the way.  Like anything else I have ever done that is incredibly difficult, learning to squat has taught me a lot.  My squat is definitely not perfect, but is so much better than the first time I tried to squat with a bar on my back.  The squat is a lift that I have many different ways to coach, because I have had to use every resource available to learn myself.  So, when you are training and find something very challenging, or seemingly impossible, slow down and use it as an opportunity to grow and learn.  Here are a few steps you can take to help you overcome a roadblock in your training.

  1. Be honest with yourself about your training and lifestyle.  If you are in denial about a weakness or deficiency that is holding you back, how can you begin to fix it?  Part of this begins with being able to identify what is preventing you from achieving your goals.  This could be that you aren’t making enough time for food prep and it causes you to make bad choices.  It could be your squat is suffering because you are sitting with bad posture, more than you are opening up your hips and working on positioning.  It could also be that you need to reset your expectations if you are unwilling to change certain aspects of your lifestyle.  Always make sure your behaviors are in line with your goals.  If not, change the behaviors, or you have to change the goals.
  1. Seek advice from others.  I am not talking about the biggest guy in the gym, or the fittest girl you know.  Just because they look t
June 6th, 2013

My Alive Day, 7 Years Later

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7 years ago today I survived, when I shouldn’t have. Plain and simple. There was a dark period in my life where I could not understand, or deal with the fact I was still here. I spent too much time beating myself up with guilt and asking all the wrong questions. Why? There are a lot of questions we might never get the answers to. So, what does that matter? I AM HERE. And I don’t plan on wasting this opportunity I have been given. What better way do I have, to pay respect to my fallen brothers, than to kick ass and take charge of my life

Through overcoming my injuries from my IED blast, to the many injuries that followed, I HAD to remain strong. I found a passion for coaching and teaching others to be strong. It is something I can never grow tired of. I like to think I am here for a reason, to help people. That’s actually one big reason I started my blog.

I am thankful now on my “Alive Day” for the friends and family I do have. I am grateful for the physical abilities I have and use to help other people. Not everyday is easy, but if it were, wouldn’t that be a boring existence? Remember when you are down in a hole, you can dig yourself out.

Here for a reason,

May 23rd, 2013

Modified Bulletproof Coffee

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Hey Friends,

Thanks for following my Blog!  It has been an high tempo kind of week, hence the lack of updates. I will be doing more videos to keep you updated with the latest and greatest in my Region of the Fitness world.  This video features my favorite breakfast, Modified Bulletproof Coffee. This will help your body naturally burn more fat the first part of the day!!! Don’t we all want more of that? Plus, it tastes amazing.



April 23rd, 2013

7 Lessons From A Bad Training Day

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When are you thinking long-term for your training, less than stellar workouts are something you need to learn toaccept.  This isn’t to say, accept mediocrity, or don’t apply any effort unless you feel like it, but when you train long enough, you begin to realize not everyday can, or should be 100%.

1.  Take the day for what it is.  Less than stellar.  To completely ignore what your body is telling you will only leave your “bank account” overdrawn.  Save it for next training session.

Things could always be worse ;)

2.  As Forrest Gump once said, “S–t Happens.” (Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned come from movies, true story!)  Learn from it.  Maybe you can reflect and realize that you could put more energy into your nutrition than you have been.  Perhaps you could give yourself a break, because your boss reminds you of Bill Lumberg from Office Space, and his presence is killing you slowly.


3.  If you are dissatisfied with your training on a regular basis, you should consider changing some things.  Make sure your behaviors and your training are a reflection of your goals. 

April 22nd, 2013

Surviving Your Workout? Seriously?

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If I had a dollar for every time I saw this posted on Facebook.  Maybe the shtick is your workout is only brag worthy if you saw your life flash before your eyes, or you vomited in your mouth a little.  The concept of wondering if you are gonna survive training is fool-hearty and likely to land you injured, and sulking around feeling sorry for yourself.  But, I bet you wouldn’t brag about that on Facebook.  Believe me, as a Recon Marine we did some dumb shit.  But, if you are gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough.  Also, we were going to fight a war.  So take that for what it is.

unless you are fighting for your life, you shouldn’t be fighting, for your life

4 reasons why surviving your workout might be a bad idea

1. Mental Toughness should not be the priority for your training.  Unless you are training for Marine Recon, BUD/s, or another special forces organization, this should not be a regular part of your training.  Even then, you have to do a certain amount to build yourself up, so you aren’t always breaking yourself down.  If your life is not on the line, you should not train like it is.  Read that again and let it sink in. This will only lead to over exhaustion, slower progress, and eventually lead to injury.