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One of my greatest assets as a coach, is that I have personally dealt with a lot of injuries.  This is incredibly important, because everything I have learned I can pass on to you, and my clients Online and in the gym.  With that said, it is important for you the trainee, to know the difference between stiffness/soreness you can work through, and being injured. Always seek help from a medical professional for a MEDICAL issue. I can help you with most training related issues.

I put together a short video for you that contains 3 of my favorite drills you can use in your warm-up or active recovery session to keep your back healthy.  I chose to keep the video simple and to the piont.  If the subject matter stirs up any questions for you, feel free to comment below, or send me a question at

Remember, your training should give back more than it takes away!

- Freeman

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