How to jump start the F**k out of your morning!

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Waking up yawning, defeated, and generally irritated is a shitty way to start your day.  Make the better choice, set your morning up to be awesome!  It starts with better planning!  In the Marine Corps we had a saying, Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  We used the shit out of that phrase, but it’s true.  Here are my steps to Jump Start the F**k out of your Morning Routine.

1.  Give yourself enough time to get your shit done, WITHOUT having to break your neck to do it.  This may require waking up earlier, AND getting to bed before 11pm.  Make it happen, you’re an adult.  Being in a constant state of “Sleep Deprivation” is no way to live.

2.  Hydrate.  Drink 16-20 ounces of filtered water when you get up.  Bonus:  squeeze 1/2 a lemon into it, this will help dextox your liver.  Water, by itself, helps rid the body of toxins and metabolic waste.  Goal: half your bodyweight in ounces everyday!  Ex. If you weigh 200lbs, that’s 100 oz of water.  The more you work or sweat, increase it.

2.  Make time for 5-10 minutes of quiet reflection.  Gather your thoughts, read motivation quotes, think of how you want your day to go.  Set the stage for how you will be treated, and how you will treat others

3.  Make time for evacuation.  I call it the “pre-game”.  The morning is the best, most relaxing time to take care of bowel business.  Remember, baby wipes are here for a reason. Remember, “Dry, wet, Dry” for easy clean up.  No one wants to start the day without this!

4.  Bulletproof Coffee.  This will kick start your body into full alert and productivity mode.  Full dose of fat, good blend of coffee, protein powder for sweetner.  If you aren’t hungry till 9-10am like me, this is a great option for your breakfast.  It will kick the shit out of regular coffee, and help program your body to use fat as its primary fuel source.  Just don’t f**k it up by eating a pastry or donut!  Stick to proteins, fats, and veggies (if you are weird).  Here is how I make it

5.  Your LIST!  No one has a limitless memory.  Save yourself a lot of worry and stress, make a “Hit List” of important tasks for the day, before you retire for the evening.  This will allow you to shut down and not wake up trying to remember 20 things you have to do.  The next morning check your list, and start getting shit done!

So, you make the choice.  Take charge of your day and kick ass.  Or be another drone in the big machine…

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