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Why you Keep a training journal

I’ve kept many training journals since 2007.  It is CRITICAL to your success to know where you’ve been, where you are, and what got you there! What worked, and What didn’t work?

Conclusions that can be drawn from training notes and observations

1.  Keep track of daily progress on exercises.  More sets & reps, more weight lifted, new drills.  Know when you break a record, know what weight you are working up to, and how often you are doing it.

2.  Use your comments section to keep track of your overall feeling and recovery from training, and observe how your body is responding.

3.  Monitor your training volume and intensity.  Are you training too heavy, too often?  Are you using enough volume to spur an adaptation?  Are you you using to much volume?

The most successful lifters I have observed ALL kept training journals.

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