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This past weekend I had the privilege of competing in my first Powerlifting Meet at the Derby City Crossfit APA Championships.  I have to say it was a great experience.  I learned a great deal, and also had a lot of fun!  I assume one would ask, did you win anything? (Meaning, did you lift more than everyone else?)  My response would be, I won a number of things.  I set 2 personal records, one on my squat, one on my deadlift.  I got to compete along side a great friend/client of mine and watch her set records.  I challenged my body to its limits, as SAFELY as possible.  Most important, I challenged myself to compete, get out of my comfort zone, and step up to the platform with a purpose!  I was competing with my self yesterday, like everyone else.

To me competing was not about having the most impressive numbers in my weight class.  It was about breaking my records.  Your training journey is different from mine.  Mine has been a challenging one.  I began with NO strength base.  Even as a Recon Marine, I was strong for my size, but when it came to moving heavy shit around that was not a natural gift I possessed.  With my injury history when I started lifting weights, I had many limitations.  My strength, mobility, stability were all at low levels.  I was very thin, 160 lbs on a 6’1″ frame.  I had a lot to overcome from the beginning.  But, was that a good reason to quit, or make excuses?  Not for me it wasn’t.  It meant I had to work harder, I had to be smarter, resourceful, and learn what works for my body, or what doesn’t.

My body is far from perfect, yet I always strive for the best form I can muster.  I have metal rods, plates, & pins on the right side of my body.  It is EASY to make excuses.  It is EASY to quit.  It is EASY to not compete.  What would I have learned from that?

I totaled 1,090 in my first Raaaaawww Meet.  Squat 365, Bench 250 (missed 265), Deadlift 475.

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