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You should Train Everyday.  There, I said it.  I know what you are thinking.  ”But Freeman, you said you can get great results training 3 times per week!  Now you’re telling me I need to train everyday!?”  Well….not exactly.

I’m not saying you should lift everyday, nor am I saying you should condition or push the prowler everyday.  What I’m telling you is you should be “training” everyday in pursuit of your goals!  To be stronger, mobile, leaner, more muscular.  Your habits and routines should be a reflection of these goals.  They should reach far beyond the 1-2 hrs a week that you are in the gym with me, or when you are doing a distance coaching program.  Your “training” should be a part of your everyday.

Allow me to explain.  Training can mean different things to different people.  I see training as learned behaviors.  This could include any of the following:
- Lifting or Strength Training
- Conditioning
- Sleep Hygiene
- Play & Sports
- Food & Water
- Mobility or active recovery drills
- Supplementation
You see?  Training everyday, is FAR different than living in the gym everyday!  I would never wish for anyone to be inside the gym, day in and day out no matter what their goals.  What I do wish for you, is that you look at the BIG PICTURE.  If you are serious about your health, and you are in it for the long haul, make training part of your daily practice.  It doesn’t have to be that hard, just start somewhere!
Side Note:
My goal is to help everyday people change their mind and body through strength training.  I don’t talk about getting fit in 30 days.  Photoshopped before & after photos don’t do it for me. Training can teach you a lot about your life, if you are willing to listen.

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